A message of happiness from Korea, A beautiful future that the world dreams of, This will be realized with Korea’s ICT.

Safe and convenient technologies that transcend limitations of time and space. Korea provides a happy vision that works to deliver ample enefits of broadcasting and telecommunications for all the world to enjoy.

The world keeps an eye on Korea, a global ICT power. According to the results of the most recent ICT Development Index announced on September 13, 2011 by the International Telecommunication Union, Korea was ranked the highest among 152 countries. Korea led in the 3 key categories of accessibility, usability and competence assessment, and as a result is now recognized as a leader of the global ICT industry.

Looking forward to 2014, Korea will host the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in the beautiful port city of Busan.
By successfully hosting the plenipotentiary conference, the ITU’s highest level decision-making conference, Korea will contribute to future ICT development.

Korea is a recognized global ICT power. The secret to Korea’s rapid growth is a combination of the national sentiments of the Korean people to pursue dynamic changes and corporate efforts to quickly respond to such desire.

In particular, despite criticism, Korea persisted in being the first to invest in and commercialize CDMA technology since 1996, a decision that opened an opportunity for Korea to advance as a global IT power.
In an industry characterized by rapid paradigm shifts, Korea is promoting diverse policies and displaying leadership in order to create a more convenient broadcasting and communication environment.

Korea, a global ICT power, will create a brighter future by fostering future ICT industries including cloud computing, near-field communication, location-based services, Machine to Machine, and Green ICT by promoting diversified development among related industries.

Korea promises an environment that enables every imaginable technology. By realizing these dream technologies, we mean to further their benefits around the globe. Now, let’s find out what they are.

A dream technology that turns into reality anything you want the very moment you want it.
As a global ICT leader, Korea is building up yet another future with 4G communication networks that will include mobile WiMAX and LTE.

4G, the 4th generation mobile communication networks, will enable data transmission speeds of 100Mbps while moving at relatively high speeds of 100kmh and 1Gbps at relatively lower speeds.

In particular, of WiMAX2 and LTE-advanced, which have been selected as core 4G technologies, WiMAX2 was developed independently in Korea. In more than 150 countries, approx. 200 service providers are providing or preparing to provide commercial WiMAX2 service.

In addition, Korea succeeded in being the first country to successfully demonstrate LTE-advanced services in January 2011, and in July 2011 began to offer LTE services on a commercial basis.

Korea, a global ICT leader, is enriching the future through 4G, a dream technology.

TV programming, dramas, movies, news and live broadcasts are no longer something that you can watch only from your living room or a theater.

Mobile TV allows you to watch broadcast and multimedia contents from anywhere and at any time, even while on the move.

In 2005, Korea became the first to start servicing terrestrial DMB using radio frequency and satellite DMB using satellite facilities. Since then Korea has been leading the global mobile TV market with diverse mobile devices.

Internet-based TV provides you with the broadcasting and entertainment services you want at the time you want them. It is no longer simply a dream to shop and pay for your purchases while watching TV or to watch TV by choosing only the programs you want.

In particular, IPTV enables interactive services. It is a personally customizable TV that enables viewers to select the contents they want.

Soon Smart TVs will bring revolutionary changes to the global media market by expanding the role of the TV from being simply a venue for terrestrial wave broadcasting to additionally providing VOD, games, video calling, web browsing and applications.

In Korea, all kinds of tasks can be performed wherever necessary using Internet-based services. This is all thanks to having the fastest Internet network possible.

To successfully handle the rapidly increasing amount of data traffic, Korea will soon establish a network that is even faster than the current one by 10 times.

Korea is also promoting diverse policies to build the world’s best broadband infrastructure.

Globally, the growth of informatization that comes with ICT advancement is attended with grave security threats.

As a country with advanced information security where the nation’s information security is handled by its own companies, Korea focuses national competence on securing global competitiveness of the information security industry.

The diverse cultures of Korea are beloved by the world.

The shooting sites of Korean dramas that are stirring up a craze all around the world are now must-not-miss tourist attractions for foreigners visiting Korea.

I like (Mickey) Yucheon very much.
I love (Mickey) Yucheon, yeah!
(Mickey) Yucheon’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal is the best!

The diverse broadcasting contents of Korea, such as dramas and K-Pop, have moved across the borders of Asia and are now spreading to every corner of the world including Europe and South America.

The Korean Wave is based on Koreans’ deep and broad sentiments and culture.
Now it is expressed not just in K-Pop and dramas but also in diverse broadcasting contents, such as documentaries and entertainment programs.

Smart Korea will enable all people of the world to enjoy Korean broadcasting contents more easily and to communicate more deeply and dynamically.

The excitement of 3D technology is now available for television broadcasting content.

in August of 2011, Korea enabled viewers to watch the IAAF World Championship Daegu games realistically and dynamically through high-definition 3D live broadcasting technology.

Korea, through 3D broadcasting activation, will provide viewers a higher level of viewing satisfaction

A great wave of change -the digital era is coming our way. Korea dreams of a brighter future that invites the world to fully experience and enjoy the cutting-edge technologies of broadcasting and telecommunications.

Korea’s ICT is a beautiful technology that is more than technology itself, It is a technology that makes everyone happy.
A smart future bringing the world together, Korea will make it reality.

A smart future bringing the world together, Korea will make it reality.

With Smart Korea