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Title Preparations for the era of Giga internet that is 10 times faster than fiber optic LAN
Date 2009-08-10 Read 6557
Work is in progress to introduce Giga Internet that can download one DVD movie in 10 seconds. This is faster than the current fiber optic LAN by up to 10 times.

On July 24, Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and National Information Society Agency (NIA) will announce “Giga Internet Promotion Plan,” which aims to commercialize Giga Internet service from 2012, with 30 members in attendance including KCC Standing Commissioner Tae-Gun Hyung, NIA President Seang-Tae Kim, related researchers and representatives of the industry and academic experts.

The government has selected Giga Internet as a national project that needs to be propelled in order to consistently promote the enhancement of the world’s first class broadcasting and communications infrastructure to appear after Broadband Convergence Network (BcN). Another purpose of the project is for the effective use of high-quality, large-size and converging information.

“Giga Internet Promotion Plan” contains information on pre-examination and preparations for establishing a trial network, starting a trial service, developing technology and adjusting conditions from 2009 to 2012 so that by reflecting the prospects of future network technology and service demands, it may become possible to provide Giga Internet service that is up to 10 times faster than BcN to even regular households.

Meanwhile, with NIA in complete charge of the promotion of Giga Internet, the consortium led by KT and the consortium led by CJ Hello Vision were selected in June as model companies of Giga Internet promotion, and the briefing session on the 24th will include announcements about each consortium’s trial projects for the next 4 years.

In order to develop Giga Internet-related technology, equipments and services, the two consortiums include participations from not only communications and broadcasting companies but also various equipment and terminal manufacturers, service and solution providers and researchers. The structure is such that a smooth circulation can flow from technology/service development → tests/verification → expansion of the commercial service.

This project aims to develop a Giga-level trial network with the public and government matching fund and present future broadcasting and communications convergence services of high quality and large scale such as 3D IPTV, multi-angle IPTV, HD Home CCTV service and TV multi-media messenger service to 2,000 households by the end of 2012.

“Development of the Giga Internet service will not only have an effect on the growth of related industries, but it will also improve the global technological competitiveness of broadcasting and communications convergence, provide opportunities for markets of new fields to emerge, change people’s life styles and bring a large trigger effect on the society in general,” KCC Standing Commissioner Tae-Gun Hyung forecasted.

Furthermore, to introduce Giga-level internet successfully, it needs to occur simultaneously with network enhancement based on large scale investments and the government and the public need to cooperate organically on the development of business profit models and Giga-level contents and service models of broadcasting and communications convergence.

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