The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) was launched as a ministerial-level central administrative organization under the authority of the President to proactively respond to the convergence trends triggered by advanced digital technology in the broadcasting and telecommunications sector; to ensure the freedom, public nature and interest of broadcasting; and to achieve balanced growth of broadcasting and telecommunications, thereby enhancing national competitiveness.
Formed under the Act on the Establishment of and Operation of the KCC, the Commission is responsible for regulating the broadcasting and telecommunications sector and ensuring user protection and broadcasting independence.
Major functions of the KCC include the following: policy-making regarding terrestrial broadcasting, general programming channel and all news channel; investigating and imposing sanctions against broadcasters in violation of relevant laws; formulating and implementing policies to protect users and their privacy; and preventing circulation of illegal and harmful information on the internet. The KCC also works on policies related to broadcast advertising and programming evaluation, media diversity, inter- Korean exchanges and international cooperation in communications.
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