• Visibility of Development
  • The Market-friendly Regulartory Reform
  • User Protection and care for poor
Visibility of Development
Early facilitation of Internet Multimedia TV(IPTV)
  • Under the principle of deregulation and promotion of competition, announcement and enactment of the enforcement decree,
    to be completed in July and full service to be provided after acquiring business registration in
    August and September.
    • Lowering entrance barriers for large businesses : Softening the ban on large businesses’ cross-ownership
      in general programming and contents providers(total asset: more than 3 trillion Won → 10 trillion Won)
    • Safeguards for fair competition : Ex-ante Accounting Segregation, equal offering of electrical
      telecommunications equipments and contents, ex post facto evaluation of competition and restrictions on
      market share
  • A comprehensive plan to be drawn within October to help foster related industries such as VOD(order based video), TV shopping and public education by introducing IPTV service
Strengthened contents in response to the era of multimedia and multichannel
  • Comprehensive measures to transform regulations regarding market entry, programming, outsourced production, advertisements and distribution
  • Continuous support to be provided to expand infrastructure for SME’s contents production, nurture creative talents and broaden support for the production of quality programmers thereby strengthening self-sustainability of contents providers
Switchover to digital broadcasting in full scale
  • A Nationwide system called「Commission for promoting Digital Broadcasting」to be established by July consisted
    of government agencies, broadcasting stations and consumer electronics companies
    • Commission for promoting Digital Broadcasting to be formed with less than 20 members
      (Commissioner:Chairman of KCC)
  • Mid and long term draft plan to facilitate the transition to digital broadcasting
    • Plans to be set up aiming at enhancing public awareness on the transition to digital broadcasting and distributing digital
      converters(DtoA) for low income families
    • DtoA(Digital to Analog) : An equipment enabling digital broadcasting on analogue TV
Entering overseas broadcasting communications service market
  • 6Offered visions for the Internet economy and adopted Seoul Declaration as a desirable policy direction at the OECD ministerial meetings in June
    • Participants: total 2,278 from 70 countries including governments of 44 nations, international organizations,
      businesses and academies
      • 23 bilateral meetings were held during the period with ministers and vice ministers from different nations to
        discuss ways to cooperate in providing broadcasting telecommunications service
    • Total 23 bilateral meetings held (15 countries, representatives of 5 international organizations, 2 from busi-
      nesses and 1 from academia)
  • By taking these opportunities, international cooperation and policy support to be enhanced for overseas expan-
    sion of domestic broadcasting telecommunications services including WiBro and DMB
Network advancement including Gigabit Internet service
  • Continued network upgrading by introducing Gigabit internet which is 10 times faster than the current service
    • Broadband Convergence Network (BcN) to accommodate 21.3 million subscribers by the end of the year(17.74
      million subscribers as of April 2008) with expanded service quality control system
    • Gigabit internet access was offered for apartment dwellers in some of the large of large cities on a trial basis enabling them
      to download 2 hour-long movie clip within just 12 seconds(Dec. 2008)
  • 「Mid and Long term Development Plan for Broadcasting Telecommunications Network」to be established within this year to provide a strategy for upgrading broadcasting and telecommunications network in response to the convergence of broadcasting/telecommunications and wire/wireless
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