• Visibility of Development
  • The Market-friendly Regulatory Reform
  • User Protection and care for poor
The Market-friendly Regulatory Reform
Restrictions on the ownership in Satellite broadcasting and terrestrial DMB to be eased
  • Equity to be achieved in competition with cable broadcasting, satellite’s main competitor by lifting cap on foreign shareholding in satellite broadcasting (currently 33%)
  • Restrictions on shareholding per owner (currently 30%) to be relieved for struggling SME terrestrial DMB in order to boost new investment
    • Small and Medium DMB Operators: YTN DMB, U1 Media and Korea DMB
Deregulations on broadcasting commercials and introduction of Media Representatives
  • Deregulations on broadcasting commercials and introduction of Media Representatives to stimulate broadcast advertising industry and broaden market freedom
    • Introduction of virtual advertisements, a new type of broadcast advertising reflecting the development of broad
      cast technologies
    • Detailed measures to be outlined (permitted hours and genre etc.) after virtual advertising is defined in broad
      casting law
    • Competition introduced in the broadcast advertising market (preventing monopoly by KOBACO-)
    • The impacts of competition on the broadcast advertising market and on other media including newspapers to be
      scrutinized and views of stakeholders to be reviewed before policy making
Improvement of entry into telecommunications market and pricing regulations
  • Administrative work to be consolidated enabling all the key services available with just one time permission
    • Shifting permission to registration system to be reviewed for the long term
  • Permission on pricing to be revised in a way that promotes competition in the market and reduces financial burdens on households
New mid and long term policy direction to be offered
  • New telecommunication policy direction to be defined to promote competition among operators and revitalize the market
    • Merits of previous policies and changes in domestic and overseas market to be analyzed
    • Based on the analysis, the optimal alternative to be reviewed to encourage competition and Investment
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