• Visibility of Development
  • The Market-friendly Regulartory Reform
  • User Protection and care for poor
User Protection and care for poor
Investigation, restraint and correction on the use of personal information
  • Investigation on high speed internet service providers’ compliance in using personal information and punishments on illegal practices for improvements (June-July 2008)
  • Telemarketing guidelines on investigation results
More stringent measures to deal with harmful information on the internet
  • A campaign for sound use of the internet to be run and internet ethics education to be provided in schools ranged from elementary to high schools to encourage self-cleanup on the internet
    • Telecommunications service providers to run illegal and harmful information report center, provide strengthened control and adult verification process as a self-regulation
    • Tightened monitoring on information telecommunications service providers in handling illegal information
    • Korea’s unique internet culture of dynamism and participation to be turned into a driving force for the nation’s growth
Constant measures to cut telecommunications service fees for households
  • Drastic discounts of bundled service products in the first half of 2008
    • Deregulation on product bundling intensified price competition among service providers enabling combined 50% discount on mobile phone monthly minimum and10-50% cuts on high speed internet monthly charge through a new bundled product rollout
  • Fee-exempted low income users and the amount of exemption increased
    • Low income recipients of fee exemption: From 73,000 to 3.73million, Annual fee exempted: 5.9 billion to 500billion Won
  • In the second half of the year, overseas market benchmarking and impacts on the telecommunications market to be reviewed regarding the unit of charge pointed out by The Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea
More access to the service to be provided for the service marginalized including the disabled and foreigners
  • Continued support to be offered through distribution of set top box(STB) and support for program production for the disabled while the effectiveness of the project improved on the recipients side
    • Fully reflecting demands from the hearing impaired, caption decoder chip built-in TV sets (more than 5,000 units) capable of receiving digital signals to be provided
    • Set top box capable of multi-functions including radio and MP3 provided for the vision impaired(more than 5,000 units
    • 85,000 units of set top box provided from 2000~2007 :25,000 units (12%) for caption,17,000 units for Descriptive Video Service (7%), 43,000 units for seniors with hearing impairment (35%)
    • Offering subtitle, sign language and DVT in the disabled preferred TV news and soaps to be encouraged
  • Improved living environment for expatriates by introducing ‘e-FM , the English radio broad
    • A draft plan was drawn in last May to introduce new ‘e-FM’ and permission, screening and subsequent procedures were completed in June for service providers in metropolitan area
    • Service provider selection completed for metropolitan area by early July to try out e-FM on the 15th of August and administrative procedures to be taken to launch e-FM in Busan and Gwangju within this year
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